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Re: Possible New York Looping Fest: was 1st Looping Festival

loop.pool wrote:

> We have found in all of our multiple events that audiences have a hard 
> time with anything longer than
> 30 minutes sets.    This can be disconcerting to musicians who want to 
> stretch out more but
> because we are asking people to take on a mutliple act show (with few 
> breaks usually) I feel that
> it is very countreproductive, especially with disparate styles, genres 
> and approaches that occur in live looping,
> to play longer.

30 min is what I was thinking of.

> I think the important thing to consider is that while these things are 
> fun to play and to attend (our festivals are really as
> much conventions of loopers as performances of loopers) that it is 
> very important not to be self indulgent.
> If we want club owners to be happy with hosting us (and it's really 
> difficult to have anyone host a 'new music' act these days
> in every country I've performed in in the last 3 years) we have to
> 1)  bring some bodies to the club and increase their business and

I try, but I'm not real good at it. Tom has the ExtremeNY list, it
brings folks in.

> 2)  put on a professional and well paced show.

Yeah, pro is the word.

More comments later when I have time.

* David Beardsley
* microtonal guitar
* http://biink.com/db