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1st Looping Festival

Paul wrote:

" The "Mid'Lantic Loop Show" held in Philadelphia in 1997..........  while 
not an international
 event, it did come about because of "Loopers Delight" and may have been
 the first official "LoopShow" that was a result of the communication/
 networking that LD supported."

Cool, Paul,

........and to think that I had naively thought I had produced the first 
looping festival with the
Bass Looping Festival in 2000 at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz to coincide 
with Steve Lawson's
first visit to Santa Cruz.   Thanks for setting the record straight.

Michael Klobuchar's Chain Tape project could also be thought of as a 
multiple artist looping event.  It just wasn't in real time but it also 
about because of the L.D. community.  What year did that begin, Scoots?

Also, if memory serves, I did promote a monthly live looping gig (that was 
specifically called a live looping gig) at Mobo Sushi in late 1995 and 
in Santa Cruz with Bill Walker, Gary Regina and myself (all playing with 
synchronized and brand new Lexicon Jammans) but it was not, technically, a 
looping festival.  We were learning how to loop live as we played at that 

Have you guys thought of producing another festival?
It seems like the East Coast is fairly bereft of official looping events 
although I know that Peter Koniuto (where are you Pedro?) produced a 
festival in Boston
and there was a weekly looping series for a while in New York City.

Also,  I know that Michael Klobuchar is planning an East Coast 
LIve Looping festival for sometime in 2006.   I can't wait for that one 
am saving up plane fare as we speak.

thanks for your illuminating post,  Rick