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Re: 1st Looping Festival

>Michael Klobuchar's Chain Tape project could also be thought of as a 
>multiple artist looping event.  It just wasn't in real time but it also 
>about because of the L.D. community.  What year did that begin, Scoots?

MISTER SCOOTS to you young man.....:).....APRIL 1, 1999.....also, as 
sez, i am thinking about getting a NORTH EAST INTERNATIONAL LIVE LOOPING 
together, i wasn't going to mention it till i had done some perliminary 
around venue/funding/living quarters.....i guess first things first, is 
any interest around such a fest?, PITTSBURGH would be a pretty central 
location for the N. EAST and the  MID-WEST, WASHINGTON, MARYLAND etc. are 
near by.....look at your map.....this will take place in the latter part 
2006 (this is just conjecture, the date is wide open albeit next 
year).....PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE IS INTEREST.....i would love to meet 
some eastern homies.....mic