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Re: Programming Rocktron All Access - HELP!!!!

Many Thanks! I keep working on it.


on 9/17/05 12:26 PM, Jeff Larson at Jeffrey.Larson@Sun.COM wrote:

> I don't have an All Access, but it is similar to the Ground Control
> Pro which I have used.  You should be able to use either control
> changes or notes.  Most people use notes, but the EDP doesn't care as
> long as you set ControlSource.
> If you don't need to change EDP presets from the controller, configure
> it entirely for instant access switches.  If you do want to change
> presets, then I would leave only one row for program change switches
> and leave the rest instant access.  Configure them as momentary switches.
> You could configure some as toggles for use with SUS functions, but
> you have to be careful because many EDP functions support "long
> presses" where the function changes behavior if you hold the switch
> down for more than half a second.  Also be careful you do not store
> the toggled "down" state of a switch in the All Access preset,
> otherwise it will be sent whenever this preset is recalled.  Best to
> stick with momentary switches.
>> Record - This works but sometimes when I press the button it starts
>> recording a clears right away. A second press gets it recording
>> properly and I can loop.
>> ...
>> Can one replicate the Echoplex pedalboard function of holding down the
>> record button and clearing the loop with the All Access via midi?
> The answer to the second question is yes, and it sounds like that
> is also the cause of the first problem.  Make sure you're not holding
> down the switch too long, and make sure it is configured as momentary
> rather than toggle.
>> Clear - This one does not seem to work at all. I have tried a couple
>> different ideas to no avail.
> Assuming you mean Reset, make sure the switch is sending Source#+25,
> and that it is sending only one value.  If you're on the PC, I
> recommend MIDI-OX at www.midiox.com to monitor what the AA is sending.
> Jeff