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Re: Programming Rocktron All Access - HELP!!!!

I don't have an All Access, but it is similar to the Ground Control
Pro which I have used.  You should be able to use either control
changes or notes.  Most people use notes, but the EDP doesn't care as
long as you set ControlSource.

If you don't need to change EDP presets from the controller, configure
it entirely for instant access switches.  If you do want to change
presets, then I would leave only one row for program change switches
and leave the rest instant access.  Configure them as momentary switches.

You could configure some as toggles for use with SUS functions, but
you have to be careful because many EDP functions support "long
presses" where the function changes behavior if you hold the switch
down for more than half a second.  Also be careful you do not store
the toggled "down" state of a switch in the All Access preset,
otherwise it will be sent whenever this preset is recalled.  Best to
stick with momentary switches.

 > Record - This works but sometimes when I press the button it starts
 > recording a clears right away. A second press gets it recording
 > properly and I can loop.
 > ...
 > Can one replicate the Echoplex pedalboard function of holding down the
 > record button and clearing the loop with the All Access via midi?

The answer to the second question is yes, and it sounds like that
is also the cause of the first problem.  Make sure you're not holding
down the switch too long, and make sure it is configured as momentary
rather than toggle.

 > Clear - This one does not seem to work at all. I have tried a couple
 > different ideas to no avail.

Assuming you mean Reset, make sure the switch is sending Source#+25,
and that it is sending only one value.  If you're on the PC, I
recommend MIDI-OX at www.midiox.com to monitor what the AA is sending.