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Re: Programming Rocktron All Access - HELP!!!!

other than the *kechunk* of the switches, the allaccess is
excellent for edp use.  i thought there were still several
ld'ers using it.

i sold my all access over a year ago, planning to build my
own using the excellent mios system ( http://www.ucapps.de/mios.html )
which i still have on my todo list. so i don't remember
this stuff exactly, so use grain-of-salt filter and RTFM,
but here goes:

it sounds like you have the switches set to toggle mode.
there is a momentary mode with which you can set up the aa to act
just like the edp controller, allowing long press - short press.
you can use either note on-note off or cc, as i fuzzily recall...

using instant access buttons for the main edp funcs is a good idea,
cause then you can use the other buttons for pc changes to call up
different patches on the edp or to send direct midi commands, etc

as i recall, you can have 5, 10 or 15 instant access buttons,
leaving the rest (10,5,0 respectively) for preset buttons,
which you can also bank up and down without changing the instant
access buttons.  pretty cool...

hope this is some help.

 > ... Bummer
> I am still not getting it to run the Echoplexs the way I want it to but I
> have to agree with the other comments here that the FCB1010 tends to lend
> itself better to operating the Echoplex.
> I'd still like to hear from any All Acess owners who have it sorted out! 
> like to avoid carrying around two pedalboards if I can work it out.
> Great bunch of people here and I'm honored to be on the list.
> Craig