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Re: Programming Rocktron All Access - HELP!!!!

Title: Re: Programming Rocktron All Access - HELP!!!!

Again, Thanks so much guys!

I have dusted off my FCB1010 and everything seems to be working great so far. Yet another justification for having lots of gear lying around. :)

This is no knock against the All Access as my guitar rig is so big that it's the only thing that will operate it now ... and I do like it as well. Bummer I am still not getting it to run the Echoplexs the way I want it to but I have to agree with the other comments here that the FCB1010 tends to lend itself better to operating the Echoplex.

I'd still like to hear from any All Acess owners who have it sorted out! I'd like to avoid carrying around two pedalboards if I can work it out.

Great bunch of people here and I'm honored to be on the list.


on 9/17/05 12:33 PM, Jeff Larson at Jeffrey.Larson@Sun.COM wrote:

> Craig Mitchell wrote:
>> I do have a FCB1010 here which is what the All Access replaced for my guitar
>> rig. While I am still hoping to dial in the All Acess, it would not be a big
>> deal to use the FCB1010 for just the echoplexs.
> There's no reason the All Access can't be used with an EDP, though a lot
> of people prefer the FCB for its quieter switches and 2 expression pedals.
>> A question... how viable is the FCB1010 with the echoplex? I didn't think it
>> handled enough control numbers/notes to be useful.
> You can fully control an EDP with an FCB using notes instead of control
> changes.
> Jeff