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Programming Rocktron All Access - HELP!!!!

Title: Programming Rocktron All Access - HELP!!!!


I'm new to the list and searched the archive but have not yet found the answers to questions.

I am running two Echoplex Pros (loop IV)and trying to control them with a Rocktron All Access Pedal. I have made progress but a few things are still not working quite right.

I have a good understanding of MIDI and how to program the Rocktron All Access but success so far as eluded me on this one.

First off, the Echoplexes are sync'd up with a TRS cable via brother sync and the master has a midi cable going to the slave.

How are people programming the All Access? Are you using Control Numbers via Instant Access switches? Or are you using Note ON/OFF via the Custom settings for presets?

I have tried both and am still getting mixed results.

With the Echoplexes set to 'Controlsource=CNTR' I have been using the Instant Access switches to trigger various functions.

Record - This works but sometimes when I press the button it starts recording a clears right away. A second press gets it recording properly and I can loop.

Mute - works fine

Halfspeed - works fine

Clear - This one does not seem to work at all. I have tried a couple different ideas to no avail.

However, if I press the mute switch, the clear switch, and then the mute switch again it clears???? Something is not quite right there. I must be close. :)

Soooo... any help is greatly appreciated! Are you using Latching, Momentaty, Hold on the All Access Instant access switches.

Can one replicate the Echoplex pedalboard function of holding down the record button and clearing the loop with the All Access via midi?

A step by step guide from someone who has this dialed in would be fantastic.