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Re: Programming Rocktron All Access - HELP!!!!

There is a fellow looper called Glen Poorman who can
help you out,i believe he uses it
cheers and good luck

--- Craig Mitchell <camitchell@cfl.rr.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm new to the list and searched the archive but
> have not yet found the
> answers to questions.
> I am running two Echoplex Pros (loop IV)and trying
> to control them with a
> Rocktron All Access Pedal. I have made progress but
> a few things are still
> not working quite right.
> I have a good understanding of MIDI and how to
> program the Rocktron All
> Access but success so far as eluded me on this one.
> First off, the Echoplexes are sync'd up with a TRS
> cable via brother sync
> and the master has a midi cable going to the slave.
> How are people programming the All Access? Are you
> using Control Numbers via
> Instant Access switches? Or are you using Note
> ON/OFF via the Custom
> settings for presets?
> I have tried both and am still getting mixed
> results.
> With the Echoplexes set to 'Controlsource=CNTR' I
> have been using the
> Instant Access switches to trigger various
> functions.
> Record - This works but sometimes when I press the
> button it starts
> recording a clears right away. A second press gets
> it recording properly and
> I can loop.
> Mute - works fine
> Halfspeed - works fine
> Clear - This one does not seem to work at all. I
> have tried a couple
> different ideas to no avail.
> However, if I press the mute switch, the clear
> switch, and then the mute
> switch again it clears???? Something is not quite
> right there. I must be
> close. :)
> Soooo... any help is greatly appreciated! Are you
> using Latching, Momentaty,
> Hold on the All Access Instant access switches.
> Can one replicate the Echoplex pedalboard function
> of holding down the
> record button and clearing the loop with the All
> Access via midi?
> A step by step guide from someone who has this
> dialed in would be fantastic.
> Thanks!
> Craig


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