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Re: Programming Rocktron All Access - HELP!!!!

It can send CC's along with PC's, but it can't send on/off CC's in a 
"momentary" fashion.  Therefore, you can't use CC's to control the basic 
EDP functions with the FCB1010.


Adrian Bartholomew wrote:

> kim, i may be wrong here but i believe the 1010 can be set to send 
> cc's automatically once a preset is chosen just like with notes. i 
> remember seeing that.
> ___*
> Adrian Bartholomew
> *Leawood KS
> On Sep 17, 2005, at 6:56 PM, Kim Flint wrote:
>     At 08:18 AM 9/17/2005, Craig Mitchell wrote:
>         How are people programming the All Access? Are you using
>         Control Numbers via Instant Access switches? Or are you using
>         Note ON/OFF via the Custom settings for presets?
>     I'm pretty sure the All Access has the flexibility to be set up to
>     use either. The FCB1010 can only control the echoplex using notes.
>     (sorry I don't use an All Access so I don't know the programming
>     steps.)
>         With the Echoplexes set to 'Controlsource=CNTR' I have been
>         using the Instant Access switches to trigger various functions.
>         Record - This works but sometimes when I press the button it
>         starts recording a clears right away. A second press gets it
>         recording properly and I can loop.
>     I think I see your problem. The Echoplex wants to see a midi
>     command for both the pressing of the button AND the release of the
>     button. This is how it can tell if you are doing a short press or
>     a long press. It sounds like your controller is not sending the
>     "off" message when you release the button.
>     If you are using Notes, this means the midi controller sends a
>     NoteOn message when you press the button, and the corresponding
>     NoteOff message when you release the button. (like the way a midi
>     keyboard would do it.)
>     If you are using Continuous Controller messages, the controller
>     should send the appropriate controller number with a positive
>     value (like 64 or something) when you press the button. Then when
>     you release the button, it should send the same controller with
>     value 0.
>     Usually this means programming the midi controller to treat its
>     buttons as Momentary. It sounds like you might have the in
>     Latching mode. (where the first press sends the On, and the second
>     press sends the off)
>         Can one replicate the Echoplex pedalboard function of holding
>         down the record button and clearing the loop with the All
>         Access via midi?
>     yes, definitely! that's the idea of using the on/off concept.
>     That's the only way with midi to communicate that you are holding
>     a button down (sustained) or releasing it quickly. This allows the
>     Echoplex to get more functions out of less buttons. Otherwise
>     there would have to be lots of extra buttons to control even the
>     basic features of the echoplex, which would be awkward to use and
>     take up too much space.
>     Hope this helps,
>     kim
>     Kim Flint | Looper's Delight
>     kflint@loopers-delight.com | http://www.loopers-delight.com