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Re: The Big(ish) Idea

another thing phil, it could a LOT more useful if u DIDNT have the click the thing on in the 1st place.
cause as u envision currently, i could be, say, strumming along nicely in the middle of a song all happy and stuff and then i want to launch into my special "stutter box" section. but alas, i must beak the spell and go to silence for thats the initial state of the box when its turned on. bummer! until i depress the 2nd switch, i have silence. thats not very smooth or useable.
so i have to figure out a way so that the box has ONE switch. kinda like the wah wah pedals u dont have to click on 1st.
just start stuttering away with ur trusty footswitch!

off the top of my head, starting the effect is no problem but having the signal throughput normally again AFTER ur final release of the stutter switch is a bit more involved. maybe a delay time window is in order where, within that time if no stutter switch depression is detected, throughput is once again the enstated.
maybe u have the turn the unit OFF AFTER ur done with the stutter switch to get back normal signal. so.... use of the stutter switch automatically turns it ON. that would make more sense. so u have an OFF switch next to the stutter one. not an ON switch.

Adrian Bartholomew
Leawood KS
On Sep 19, 2005, at 11:35 AM, phill wilson wrote:

Hi All

Ok, so I have been hinting at building a pedal for a while now, for reasons that I won't go into, my Ego kind of wanted to keep the design some sort of secret,however this has led to nowhere for me so it is time to REVEAL ALL!!!

Basically I want to make a foot operated device that allows a signal to pass only when the button is pressed. Kind of a Poor-Mans-Morse-Glitch Pedal.

I envisaged building it as follows.

two buttons button one simply being on / off
In off position the signal is bypassed directly to the output jack
in the On position it passes to the next momentary button.

Button Two is the activation button,

it is a push to make type switch so initially the signal is dead, however, when the button is pressed the sound is allowed to pass to the output.

I can therefore strum a chord while it is off then tap the button rythmically to let small stabs of sound through.

I came up with this when playing through a broken amp that you had to hold the jack in place in the input, i found that tapping the jack let me do dda-da-da type noises.

anyways basically I know NOTHING about how to do this, I did what seemed reasonable to me but all I got was nasty hiss and buzzing. I would appreciate ANY help or comments on how I may impliment this pedal.

I had once dreamed about making money off this idea, however, it will never be built if I cant get some advice!

By the way I intend to LOOP with it so its not totally OT!!

Thanks Y'all

Phill Wilson (a.k.a. Blackface)

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