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Re: The Big(ish) Idea

An effects builder (can't remember which one) on the Harmony Central 
Effects forum used to build these switches on request.  Very very small 
box with a single non-latching type switch. 

Not dissing the idea, just letting you know that it's been done (and 
should be very easy to build).


> At 2005.09.19 09:35 AM, phill wilson wrote:
>> Hi All
>> Ok, so I have been hinting at building a pedal for a while now, for 
>> reasons that I won't go into, my Ego kind of wanted to keep the 
>> design some sort of secret,however this has led to nowhere for me so 
>> it is time to REVEAL ALL!!!
>> Basically I want to make a foot operated device that allows a signal 
>> to pass only when  the button is pressed. Kind of a 
>> Poor-Mans-Morse-Glitch Pedal.
>> I envisaged building it as follows.
>> two buttons button one simply being on / off
>> In off position the signal is bypassed directly to the output jack
>> in the On position it passes to the next momentary button.
>> Button Two is the activation button,
>> it is a push to make type switch so initially the signal is dead, 
>> however, when the button is pressed the sound is allowed to pass to 
>> the output.
>> I can therefore strum a chord while it is off then tap the button 
>> rythmically to let small  stabs of sound through.
>> I came up with this when playing through a broken amp that you had to 
>> hold the jack in place in the input, i found that tapping the jack 
>> let me do dda-da-da type noises.
>> anyways basically I know NOTHING about how to do this, I did what 
>> seemed reasonable to me but all I got was nasty hiss and buzzing. I 
>> would appreciate ANY help or comments on how I may impliment this pedal.
>> I had once dreamed about making money off this idea, however, it will 
>> never be built if I cant get some advice!
>> By the way I intend to LOOP with it so its not totally OT!!
>> Thanks Y'all
>> Phill Wilson (a.k.a. Blackface)