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Re: sustain type foot controller into a PMC? was: RE: The Big(ish)Idea

Adrian Bartholomew wrote:
> well im sure it could be done easily with the edp. if the edp could have 
> mute in non-latch fashion, great. note on, sound, note off, mute. but it 
> wont record. thats playback only.
> this is analog going INTO the EDP. THAT U CAN SCREW AROUND WITH.
> how much would u pay for something like this?

There is a non-latching mute, it is called SUSMute and available
at Source#+18.  I think it is subject to quantization though
so to make it work like you're describing Quantize would have to be off.

A better approach would be to use InterfaceMode=In, where the feedback
jack on the back controls the input level rather than feedback level.
I should be easy to build (or buy?) a switch that electrically looks
like an expression pedal going from its minimum to maximum range, only
without the gradual sweep.

If InterfaceMode=In also changes the behavior of the MIDI controller
assigned to the FeedBkCont parameter, then you could also do this with
any momentary MIDI switch capable of sending CC on/off values.  I'm not
sure about this though, some of the text suggests that In mode only
applies to the back panel jack.