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Re: sustain type foot controller into a PMC? was: RE: The Big(ish) Idea

On Sep 19, 2005, at 21:52, Jeff Larson wrote:
> If InterfaceMode=In also changes the behavior of the MIDI controller
> assigned to the FeedBkCont parameter, then you could also do this with
> any momentary MIDI switch capable of sending CC on/off values.  I'm  
> not
> sure about this though, some of the text suggests that In mode only
> applies to the back panel jack.
> Jeff

"In mode" is indeed also available over MIDI, if you stick a plug  
into the pedal jack on the back panel. I use that trick to be able to  
use my EDP by MIDI (FCB1010) in REPLACE MODE. This makes the feedback  
button control how much of the loop each substitute tap will replace.  
In the full position substitute becomes just like quantized overdub  
SUS but and in the zero position it sounds just like plain substitute  
SUS. I was very happy to find out about this :-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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