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Re: 1st Looping Festival

I think it would lend itself well to an ongoing thing.

-- Sarth

Tom Ritchford wrote:
I'm not sure if they do one-off shows there but I do know the guy who
started it and he likes my stuff and has encouraged me to do things.

Are we thinking of a one-off evening or a repeated show?

There are a lot of places in my neighborhood, Williamsburg...

On 9/19/05, Sarth <sarth@sarth.net> wrote:
 let me know ... a buddy of mine and I have been talking about something
like that for ages ... what about the remote lounge?

 Tom Ritchford wrote:
 I've had some interest in starting it up again -- but I've lost
several of the musicians, and the venue, and my time has become very

I really should get Stv to take down the website. He's one of the
lost musicians, but fear not, he's alive and kicking, living in a
commune on Staten Island and setting up a bookstore!!

If there were interest, or if there were interest in doing an evening
of loop shows, I'd definitely be up for it.


On 9/19/05, David Beardsley <db@biink.com> wrote:

 Dan Ash wrote:

 there was a weekly looping series for a while in New York City.

 The weekly open loop event at Chama is still listed on their website

Haven't been there in some time - maybe someone else can confirm?

 Chama closed in Sept. 2003.

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* microtonal guitar
* http://biink.com/db


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