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Streaming radio of my all-vocal looping

I’ll be performing and talking on my local radio station tomorrow at 1 PM Eastern Time. You can catch it by going to www.womr.org .

I use an EDP and a microphone + reverb – that’s it. I sometimes do new-agey improvs, but I most often perform very tightly arranged vocal pieces. Possible tunes for tomorrow: “Sweet Dreams”, “Once in a Lifetime”, “Biko”, “Will the Circle”, Pachelbel’ “Canon”,  “Living in Wartime”, and perhaps something original.


FYI – This is a relatively new venture for me – something I’ve been developing for about two years. I haven’t released a CD or done much publicly yet, but… soon. I’m a graduate of New England Conservatory, a choral conductor and singer. I founded and arranged for The Flirtations, an open’y gay a cappella group seen on HBO and in the film Phladelphia.