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Re: Re: The Big(ish) Idea - people who did this

Right, 'cept that I only ever see footage of him with Strats, which to
my knowledge didn't come stock with the ability to turn down the
volume of the pickups individually. Hence my assumption of special
wiring. Tim's suggestion of the tone control makes perfect sense. And,
when listening to the intro of VC(SR) (just happened to have the CD
here at work), it's possible that what I thought was total cut-off was
a severely rolled-off sound being masked by the other noise around it.

All that said. I've used the EDP Replace to do this to an existing
loop. I've also experimented with the stutter effect in the GT-6. I
imagine I could set up a patch in the MPX-1 to do this controlled from
a footpedal. I've got a sustain pedal for a keyboard that I could use
for testing. I could borrow the 2-button pedal from the Vortex to test
inverting the response curve for the button presses.

Actually, come to think of it, I've got the GT-6 configured to do a
latching mute already. There's a setting that allows you to tap the
currently selected patch pedal and send it to the tuner function.
Since the audience doesn't need to hear me tune, I have the tuner set
to mute the output. But, that's latching. Now I'm wondering if I can
do this in an unlatching manner with the GT6 to record the stuttered
loop at the outset. If so, identical patches could be set up with
inverted responses to the pedal press.

Oh, and I certainly agree that having it at the feet is invaluable. I
was just adding an example of it being done to Rainer's list of people
who'd done it.

Incidentally, ProCo makes a few pedals that do variations of this. All
use XLR inputs and are tailored to microphone inputs. One of them
allows you to select whether the switch is latching or non-latching
and whether the non-latching mode is normally open or normally closed.
Making the changes, though, requires that you flip switches in the
battery compartment.

And then there's the old trick of using an auto-panner that only has
one output plugged-in, particularly those that have 'square' as an
option for the panning waveshape. The Boss SE70 allowed that (pretty
sure), and the Lex MPX-1 does. Haven't tried it yet with GT6. I
haven't done a gig in a while that would require these techniques (no
need for it in my celtic band, and the solo acoustic covers don't call
for it either), but I used to love playing with this kind of thing.


On 9/19/05, a k butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
> >I think Hendrix did this (stutter) on Voodoo Child (Slight Return). I
> >always assumed it was done with special pickup wiring that allowed him
> >to cut the pickup in and out.
> old guitar trick,
> on a 2  p/u guitar, turn down the volume
> on one of the p/us to nothing.
> then the p/u selection switch does a cut out.
> andy butler
> ps
> ...the EDP 'Replace' can do this to the loop