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Re: The Big(ish) Idea

Yeah, it may have been him.  Good units, those looopers.

But, what I also remember was that the guy had moved the electronics 
into his own guitar, and had setup a "touch plate" on his guitar as the 
switch.  So he could get these really fast mutes going, just by tapping 
the touch plate.

I've searched forums over there and can't find the post.  This could 
have been up to 2 years ago, though, so that doesn't surprise me.


Sean Echevarria wrote:

> oh yeah - http://www.loooper.com/ - look for the stutter option on the 
> custom options page.
> At 2005.09.19 12:57 PM, Doug Cox wrote:
>> An effects builder (can't remember which one) on the Harmony Central 
>> Effects forum used to build these switches on request.  Very very 
>> small box with a single non-latching type switch.
>> Not dissing the idea, just letting you know that it's been done (and 
>> should be very easy to build).