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Re: The Big(ish) Idea

David Torn has a guitar made by Koll Guitars with a metal plate that's
wired to control voltage-controlled gear. I imagine it could be used
for that kind of thing.

But, I think I remember who you're thinking of. I just can't find the
e-mail thread. If I remember correctly, it was a British guitarist who
had a guy do all sorts of crazy wiring to various guitars, including
one with a similar touch plate idea to what I described above with
DT's Koll guitar.



On 9/19/05, Doug Cox <dougcox@pdq.net> wrote:
> Yeah, it may have been him.  Good units, those looopers.
> But, what I also remember was that the guy had moved the electronics
> into his own guitar, and had setup a "touch plate" on his guitar as the
> switch.  So he could get these really fast mutes going, just by tapping
> the touch plate.
> I've searched forums over there and can't find the post.  This could
> have been up to 2 years ago, though, so that doesn't surprise me.
> Dig
> Sean Echevarria wrote:
> > oh yeah - http://www.loooper.com/ - look for the stutter option on the
> > custom options page.
> >
> >
> > At 2005.09.19 12:57 PM, Doug Cox wrote:
> >
> >> An effects builder (can't remember which one) on the Harmony Central
> >> Effects forum used to build these switches on request.  Very very
> >> small box with a single non-latching type switch.
> >> Not dissing the idea, just letting you know that it's been done (and
> >> should be very easy to build).
> >
> >
> >