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Re: Programming Rocktron All Access - HELP!!!!

Jeff Larson wrote:

> You must have Source# set to 36.


> The programming for Substitute is surprising.  You're using the
> virtual Substitute button with a momentary switch but sending non-zero
> on both the down and up transitions.  The effect will be a sustained
> Substitute, but to the EDP it looks like two long presses of the
> non-sustain Substitute.  If want you want is SUSSubstitute, then
> the "correct" programming would be CC# 58 with On/Off 1/0.

Apparently I wanted SUSSubstitute...because it now behaves "correctly."

> The programming for Undo has the same problem.  I don't see how this
> can work, you're effectively performing two long presses of the
> virtual Undo button every time you tap the switch.  At the very least,
> I would expect you to be undoing two layers at a time instead of just
> one but maybe the EDP is smart enough to ignore the second long press
> if the first one is still active.
> Again, On/Off should be 1/0, the CC# is ok.  If what you want
> is to always perform a LongUndo without having to hold the switch
> down, then use CC# 67 instead.

Well, somehow it worked...but LongUndo is what I really wanted.

Thanks for debugging my rig!!!


King Never
www.finleysound.com/kingnever <http://www.finleysound.com/kingnever>