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Re: 1st Looping Festival

The possible venues closest to me would be Leila on North 7th and
North 6 and Galapagos, on North 6th.  All very reasonable spaces that
would certainly show the sort of thing we do.

Now, what would we be trying to sell them on, exactly?

On 9/20/05, David Beardsley <db@biink.com> wrote:
> Tom Ritchford wrote:
> >Just to keep the momentum going:
> >
> >1. there are several musicians who are interested in doing at least
> >one New York show here, and we could certainly get some more loopers.
> >
> >2. a regular show would be interesting, but there hasn't been an
> >outpouring of support for it, perhaps we should start with a one-off?
> >
> >
> Yes.
> >3. the remote lounge has been mentioned.  We also have a lot of clubs
> >in W'burg that I might be willing to approach...
> >
> Yes. It's easier to find parking in W'burg.
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