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Re: EDP Sync to Yamaha RM1x

> Are you leaving overdub on, or do you have feedback lowered?
> The EDP will not correct for sync drift when overdub is on
> or feedback is turned slightly down.  See page 6-2.
Hi Jeff
Thanks for the suggestion but I don't leave the overdub on and feedback is on max. Been experimenting with it all night. Thought I'd cracked it at one point as it stays perfectly in sync with one of the preset songs so thought it needed some preset parts (which I could mute or turn down) along with my stuff to get it to work. Didn't work. Tried some more presets and it doesn't sync to them too. Just this one preset song so far, though I've only checked a few.
Completely bizarre. The only other thing I can think it might be (unless there's some strange midi stuff going on with the edp) is that I've got an older version of the Rm1x and there was an operating system upgrade eprom. Going to see if I can get Yamaha to send me one to fit but I've heard it doesn't do a lot so it's a long shot.
If that doesn't work, just going to have to completely rethink my live equipment plans and not use the rm1x which is a shame as it's always been a great live sequencer. Spent all night trying and failing to sort tech issues rather than music making. Ah well.
Thanks again and any other suggestions gratefully received.