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Re: EDP Sync to Yamaha RM1x

At 01:13 PM 9/20/2005, Bob wrote:
>Thanks for the suggestion but I don't leave the overdub on and feedback 
>on max.

similar effect can happen when using delay mode, if you never put it in 

>Been experimenting with it all night. Thought I'd cracked it at one point 
>as it stays perfectly in sync with one of the preset songs so thought it 
>needed some preset parts (which I could mute or turn down) along with my 
>stuff to get it to work. Didn't work. Tried some more presets and it 
>doesn't sync to them too. Just this one preset song so far, though I've 
>only checked a few.

It may be really useful if you provide us with all the parameter settings 
on the Echoplex and the configuration of the RM1x as well. also, is the 
Echoplex LoopIII or LoopIV, how is everything connected, what sequence of 
actions you do, what you see on the display, etc. It is really difficult 
and time consuming to help debug a problem like this if we don't get all 
the details!


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