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Re: EDP Sync to Yamaha RM1x

Hi Kim

> It may be really useful if you provide us with all the parameter settings
> on the Echoplex and the configuration of the RM1x as well. also, is the
> Echoplex LoopIII or LoopIV, how is everything connected, what sequence of
> actions you do, what you see on the display, etc. It is really difficult
> and time consuming to help debug a problem like this if we don't get all
> the details!

Ok. Because it wasn't working I did a complete system reset on both the
edp and the rm1x. Midi connection was, 'out' of rm1x to 'in' of edp.

I changed the RM1x parameters so it would change pattern after a bar
rather than 1/16 and reloaded a couple of my own user pattern sets. I
turned off midi output on channel 8.

On the EDP I changed the following -
Midi Channel to '8'
Sync to 'In'
Quantize to 'loop'
Switchquant to 'loop'
Feedback full
Think that's everything. Doing it from memory as at work.

Like I said before, one of the preset pattern sets ('Epic Hse' I
think...the one that sounds like Faithless anyway) that I picked at random
to test it worked perfectly. My user patterns and a number of the other
presets I found didn't work. I would press start on the sequencer and over
time would watch the clock indicator on the edp slowly drift out of time.
V strange.

To check the EDP I tried syncing it to cubase and other drum machines and
it worked perfectly, it's just the RM1x that's the problem.

I've ordered the newer os eprom (v1.3) from Yamaha which I'll be refunded
for if I send the old one back to them so hopefully this will sort it. I
really can't think of any other reason why Claude's should work and mine
wouldn't (apart from difference in os), unless of course mine is broken in
some way.

Thanks for the response and any ideas appreciated.