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Re: EDP Sync to Yamaha RM1x

Hi Claude

> isnt there any track spitting notes to the edp that could do some weird
> direct midi functions
> (it is worth a try to mute any rm1x output except clock and realtime
> messages to see if the edp is overdriven by midi messages

Yep, tried all that. Tried turning off all midi channel outs/leaving them
on/turning just the one off that the edp was set to. Didn't make any

> do you have a midi analysis app that you could set to read the rm1x 

No I haven't but I'm sure I can get one. I'm sure there's an app called
midiyoke or something that tests midi. I'll try and get a copy and test it
out. Like I said before though, all my other equipment syncs perfectly to
the Rm1x.

> as Kim suggested you really need to describe your set up, presets,
> cabling,
> as precisely as possible if you want us to help

Plse see other mail.

> I for sure am 100 % sure that an EDP can sync fine with a rm1x as master
> (played with it for 4 years for beta testing the edp and more than 20
> concerts ) we just need to find out whats wrong with your setup

Thanks Claude. Yeah, it's knowing yours works which is why I'm persevering
with mine.