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Zoom FP-01 okay for VF-1 and mxp-500?

Here's a boring gear question:
Although my cheap plastic Zoom FP-01 expression pedal has an odd feel to 
it, it has been extremely reliable and is, most importantly, NICE AND 
LIGHT, something I cannot say for my Boss expression pedal. I wanna keep 
my rack under 30 pounds, and my 4-pound RE-10 isn't going to help. 

Do you guys know of any reason why my FP-01 wouldn't work with my Boss 
VF-01 or my MPX-500? It works okay with my Vortex, so I do not think it 
would blow up my other rackmount devices, but I wanna make sure.

And if it IS safe, does anyone have an extra FP-01 they wanna sell? Or is 
there a nice cheap generic equivalent available out there? (I think I 
remember someone mentioning a company that makes nice cost-effective 
generic footswitches and whatnot, but I cannot remember the name.)

P.S.--I may wanna sell my RE-10 if anyone's "innerested." 

With Gratitude,
Tim Mungenast