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report fraudmails like this! Re: Please reach me asap.

I get AT LEAST 10 fraudmails like this, every single day. I always send 
them to my ISP's spambuster address and the FTC spam line. For Really 
Awful ones, where there's skanky content or they start with "Dearest in 
Christ," I go so far as to obtain th emessage source and enclose it before 
I fwd the fraudmail to The Authorities, so that they may have an easier 
time tracking down the #*#*ers. Naive, yes, butit makes me feel like I'm 
striking a blow for what he Internet was SUPPOSED to be.
Sonic Love,
Tim Mungenast


-----Original Message-----
From: david  sterling <davidsterling@roadfly.org>
Sent: Sep 21, 2005 10:46 PM
To: Paul Stanley <paul.stanley001@gmail.com>, jgulesq22@gmail.com
Cc: r.perez@atlanticphilanthropies.org, looper@venetowest.com, 
        vsyevolod@yahoo.com, sambacomet@hotmail.com, kungha@earthlink.net, 
        evanpeewee@yahoo.com, scott@dreamstate.to, 
        scafferata@sasktel.net, onelonecrow@earthlink.net, sony@real.com, 
        stanitarium@earthlink.net, sstemmler@above-the-fold.com, 
        spgoodman@earthlight.net, steve@steve-lawson.co.uk, 
        erwill@suitandtieguy.com, webmaster@cavestudio.com, 
        precise75@hotmail.com, psychle62@yahoo.com, 
        todd@toddreynolds.com, tohall@rcn.com, tcombs@sep.com, 
        tom.ritchford@gmail.com, bigtony@softhome.net, thelgere@online.no, 
        travishartnett@gmail.com, wavecomputer360@gmx.de, 
        will-spicher@insightbb.com, wklemmer1@yahoo.com, 
        billwalker@baymoon.com, LWordsman@pirnie.com, woz@phaesler.org, 
        cello@zoekeating.comzjz, meoshimo@gmail.com, 
        notyourbusiness_nasran@gmail.com, brosnan.jason@gmail.com, 
        mj.gumsley@gmail.com, gordongek@gmail.com, Wang.king@ntlworld.com, 
        mr_dong@asiamail.com, barristerjosea
Subject: Re: Please reach me asap.

President Bush loves all of you.

On Wed, 21 Sep 2005 16:06:10 -0400
  Paul Stanley <paul.stanley001@gmail.com> wrote:
>This is a scam. Don't reply to this idiot. check the CC to see how many
>people he sent this to.
>Total scam- don't send him one dime.
>On 9/19/05, Johan Gulfman <jgulfmanesq22@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Goodday.
>> Please,I want to introduce myself and this business
>> opportunity to you. My name is Johan Gulfman Esq. I
>> wish to know if we can work together.I would like you
>> to stand as the next of kin to my deceased client who

>> made some substantial deposits with a financial house.
>> He died without any registered next of kin and as such
>> the funds now have an open beneficiary mandate.
>> Moreover it appears you are related to him by
>> the virtue of your names. If you are interested you do
>> let me know so that I can give you comprehensive
>> details on what we are to do. I urgently hope to get
>> your response as soon as possible.please reach me with
>> my private email address(j_gulfmanesq@sify.com)
>> Best regards,
>> Johan Gulfman Esq.


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