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Re: zen and the fluent music

>Same here....me talk too much.

hm, not this time, Kris :-)
I admit that, although I like your contributions, I sometimes gave up 
when looking at the size... sad... sad anyway that I rarely can folow 
the list...

>By the way, Matthias, thanks for the suggestion about using Feedback
>more. I tried that it is produced some suprising results. It forced me
>to keep things fresh...normally it is easy to get lazy and start
>admiring your own loops, noodling around with things over them,
>etc....but in this case, all of a sudden your loops are disappearing
>before you ears and you have to keep creating more stuff!  Keeps you on
>your toes!

I try to imagine sometimes how my music would have developed if I had 
started with a tool that could loop forever.
but then again, I started with the idea to create an ever changing sound.
freezing delays existed and never seemed interesting to me...

so how did your FB experiences go?

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org