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EDP gain modification

Hey there-

I just performed the gain modification from the FAQ on my two mid-90's 
EDPs (replacing resistors R10 and R30).  Oh yeah!  Now *there's* 
that tone I've been missing.  

Prior to the mod, output was not hot enough to drive input stage of my 
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (for example, if you bypassed the EDPs 
entirely, the tone was great, but with EDPs in the circuit, even with 
output at 100%, there was an immediate drop in amp gain/crunch.  
Trying to make up for this drop by turning up the EDP  input gain resulted 
in unwanted distortion in the looped signal.)

With the mod, I can a/b the EDPs out of the circuit and hear no 
significant difference in guitar/amp tone AND there's no unwanted 
distortion in the looped signal.  Hooray!  No more "tone suck".

One of them is still very noisy/hissy (compared to the other) when a loop 
is playing back.  Any hints on what might be causing this?

Joe Rut


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