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Re: Noisy/hissy EDP (revisited)

hey Joe...
is your gear close to video gear ie.televisions/computer monitors?my dl4 gets noise when im in half speed sometimes.if i get away from other electronics it is quiet.i wonder if it's forked up?
 good luck.      d no tee.
joe rut <joerut@lycos.com> wrote:
Hey there-

I know this was a source of discussion on the list some time ago, but I've spent a couple hours searching/reading in the archive and I can't
find anything that seems to have resolved this problem. I'm using the cream-colored Oberheim EDPs with Loop III, 5.0.

The problem:
My loop is full of hiss. I tap record once. I tap it a second time to end the loop and there is a lot of hiss.
This occurs even with nothing plugged into the EDP inputs
This occurs even with input knob set to zero.
With feedback set to zero, the hiss does not die away, but stays steady.

This does not seems like an "improper gain staging" issue. One of my EDPs does this and the other does not. With both EDPs set
identically, one is super hissy, one is only mildly (and acceptably) hissy. (eg: A) With all knobs at 100% and no inputs into the EDPs, or B)
input= Zero, output = any audible setting, mix and feedback = 100% and no inputs into EDPs.)

The only visible difference between the two EDPs is that the hissy unit has a power switch with just a white dot on it, while the other
actually says "on/off". Could one of these be from a different manufacturing run in which there were different (noisier) parts used? Is this
a problem that can be addressed by replacing certain parts?

Anybody else had this experience and found a way to address it?


Joe Rut


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