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Record while loop is playing?

Hi Loopers Delight mailing list,
Iím hoping someone out there can answer a looping-related question for me.  Can anyone tell me if there are any looping devices capable of doing thisÖ
While one loop is playing, Iíd like to be able to record another part silently (like with a sort of mute button or something).  Then, at the appropriate time, Iíd like to be able to simultaneously and seamlessly stop the first loop, and drop the second one in to replace it.
Iíve been doing some research on this matter, but havenít had any luck finding answers yet.  Hopefully this isnít a question thatís been answered a million times already, I know how irritating that can be.  If it is, I apologize!  But this is kind of a last resort for me.

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