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Re:RE: Michael Peters interface modes

At 17:50 26/09/05, you wrote:
>hi Andy,
> > As far as I know, the EDP will give a full range of modes as
> > long as anything is plugged into the feedback socket.
> > On start-up, I see
> > Loop 4
> > 1.1
>sounds like I don't have the same version. Do several Loop4 versions 
>It is not even my own Echoplex, it belongs to Markus Reuter, and he has my
>EDP - we had exchanged our EDPs by mistake a while ago but haven't 
>because I thought they're the same anyway.

Markus was a loop4 beta tester,
so there's every chance you now have a beta version.

Fli and Stu were the last modes to be put in,
so I'm thinking that looks like the answer.

In which case, Markus probably has an unused set of LoopIV 1.1 chips
which he really ought to send you :-)