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Re[2]: Record while loop is playing?

>> While one loop is playing, I’d like to be able to record another
>> part silently (like with a sort of mute button or something).   
>> Then, at the appropriate time, I’d like to be able to  
>> simultaneously and seamlessly stop the first loop, and drop the  
>> second one in to replace it.

PB> I've done that with two looping devices by muting and un-muting their  
PB> mixer channel, but I don't know any looping device that can do it by  
PB> itself. This was discussed two weeks ago on the Mobius list and  
PB> Matthias Loibner said he uses that trick when looping live audi input  
PB> on a laptop running parallel instances of Moebius. This can of course  
PB> also be done in the Ableton Live software (recording to a muted  
PB> channel while a loop keeps playing on another channel).

true, this can be done with Möbius, but in only one running instance:
record to a second track, go to mute after recording, and then mute
the first and unmute the second (which can be done by a single button
or foot step).

The question is if you want the 2nd loop to be heard while recording
it, then you either have to use a host where you have a muted effect
patch still going into möbius or you have to turn off inputmonitoring
in standalone or do the same with an external mixer. I use the first
way inside Bidule, because it is all controllable by feet.

same thing with the repeater, you need your hands at the faders or you
have to use a midi footcontroller (eg. to send PC25 and 26 at the same
time for stereo loops, 16,17,18,19 for mono).