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RE: zen and the fluent music

Kris said:
>My FB experience is on hold for now. Sure, I got it configured fine to
>work with my EDPs, but I still can't get past its size, plus I'm not
>really using the features that you can access on via MIDI and not the
>EDP controller.

I dont either
but FB is an analog pedal :-)

>For instance, if I want to have 6 separate loops, I'll
>just use the Next Loop button on the controller to scroll through them,
>rather than selecting that loop immediately via MIDI. I'm using my
>Insert function on my EDP controller to trigger reverse on the EDPs, but
>I guess it would be nice to use it for the subsitute function with some
>quantizing. But my music is typically far too organic, free flowing, and
>non-meter like to really benefit from quantizing. Now that I think about
>it, I don't use quantize for anything when I loop.  I like to be
>responsible for my own timing. :)

thats how I feel, and makes it dificult to use anything but an EDP 
because all other units and even the soft copies partly introduce 
... which I can understand, its terrible to program without quantization!

>The half speed function is cool,
>which you can only access via MIDI, but I wouldn't really use that much

yes, it cuts flow for my taste...

>Right now I'm more interested in getting all I can get with the
>functionality accessible with the EDP controller. I don't want to
>complicate things any more.

right... we were not talking about complicated things, just a pedal 
to flow with FB... you will love it!

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org