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Re: Repeater OS2

> numbered, I'm just hoping that there will always be some demand. I also 
> take
> heart in the fact that, if all I had to loop with was a Line 6 DL4, or 
> two,
> I'd still be a happy loopoing fool.

I can make an amazing amount of loopy noise with the DL4, GigaDelay, 
Loopstation, Adrenalinn, Vortex, um... RP2000, RSP550, and all those other 
odd pedals... :)

On another subject...

I saw Fripp last night opening for Porcupine Tree in Philly.  I really 
enjoyed the show, although I enjoyed the show at WXPN a few  months ago 
better.  The crowd was mostly PorcTree fans, many of whom were very 
receptive to Fripp.  I heard some interesting comments afterwards.  Some 
people were expecting KingCrimson songs, some just hated the soundscapes 
flat out, some seemed to be surprised and enjoyed it.  It was pretty 
entertaining when Fripp did his last little bit and while the loop was 
winding down, got up, put his guitar down, watched the video screen (a 
show of his pictures) for a minute, then waved, bowed and left the stage.  
heard "what the hell is still playing?" comments from some people.  I also 
heard "damn, that sucked" and "I don't get it" from some.