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Re: REQ: loop devices and amps for busking

I've battery-busked with various combinations of DL-4
and/or RC20 through a Pignose or a tiny little Smokey
amp. By itself, the Pignose is preferable. However, if
you use a Smokey to drive a speaker other than the
miniature self-contained one, it can sound pretty good
too, and surprisingly loud. Also, I remember doing
this on separate occasions to see which of the DL4 or
RC20 was better on batteries, but I don't remember
which one won the contest. As I recall (foggily),
either of them was fine for a few hours.

The city where I was doing this has an ordinance
prohibiting amplified music outdoors (regardless of
volume), so I was using acoustic instruments (guitar
or sitar) with the amp concealed in a little rucksack,
and taking care that the amp's volume was roughly the
same as the acoustic instrument's. Of course, the
volume pedal and big bright green DL4 with a cable
leading into the knapsack would have been a dead
giveaway had law enforcement decided to step in. :P


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