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RE: REQ: loop devices and amps for busking

Thanks for the info. I've been thinking about doing a little guerrilla
busking myself and get one of those new little micro cube roland amps which
sound pretty darn cool and big for how lite and small they are. You could
convince the cops that the DL-4 is how you keep tempo from the flashing
lights, and ply them with donuts!
 but seriously, I have had two recent outdoor gigs that the DL-4  shut
itself off when the power source was running brown, i.e. the wall current 
less than what is required to optimally run gear.  The last gig I had 
much  convinced me of this . We (a five member band) were sharing power 
a PA system and a DJ, on one very long ac cable. I also think that the same
circuit was being used by the coffee makers, blenders, and god knows what
else.  My normally clean sound vibrolux was sounding muddy, and I also
noticed that the Lexicon MPX100 in my rack was shutting down. The time
before that this happened, I was convinced it was the DL-4 malfunctioning,
but now after replacing a couple of key components and having the same
behaviour happen under the same circumstances....hmmmmmm Anyone else have
this problem happen?   I think from now on I will put fresh batteries in 
DL-4 just in case. And bring my own 100ft power cord.

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From: Tim Nelson [mailto:psychle62@yahoo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2005 1:36 PM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Re: REQ: loop devices and amps for busking

I've battery-busked with various combinations of DL-4
and/or RC20 through a Pignose or a tiny little Smokey
amp. By itself, the Pignose is preferable. However, if
you use a Smokey to drive a speaker other than the
miniature self-contained one, it can sound pretty good
too, and surprisingly loud. Also, I remember doing
this on separate occasions to see which of the DL4 or
RC20 was better on batteries, but I don't remember
which one won the contest. As I recall (foggily),
either of them was fine for a few hours.

The city where I was doing this has an ordinance
prohibiting amplified music outdoors (regardless of
volume), so I was using acoustic instruments (guitar
or sitar) with the amp concealed in a little rucksack,
and taking care that the amp's volume was roughly the
same as the acoustic instrument's. Of course, the
volume pedal and big bright green DL4 with a cable
leading into the knapsack would have been a dead
giveaway had law enforcement decided to step in. :P


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