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RE: still goin clean

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From: nemoguitt@verizon.net [mailto:nemoguitt@verizon.net] 

> oh, i so want to come to Y2K5 and have the least equipment 

I hear you! I'm checking in my 5 space rack with the rest of my baggage,
and hope it doesn't go over the 60 pound limit. I hope to check in my
rack and a large suitcase with my wires and controllers, and a few
clothes, and then walk on the plane with my two laptops and guitar. The
flight from Boise to San Jose is short and on a small plane with no
closets, so I think I will have to put my acoustic guitar on the a la
carte and have it stored under the plane. I don't know what else to do.
The overhead compartments in the plane are too small for my electric,
otherwise I would bring it. No closets, no overheads...leads to only
checking my guitar in...but I'm sure it is pressurized where they store
the a la carte bags.