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Re: still goin clean

As an aside, a garbage bag twist tie (or two) worked into the strings near the bridge gives a wonderful steel drum sound.

I think Max Valentino is on this list, but you can look in this thread on TalkBass for an overview (scroll down and find Max's post).

I haven't tried it myself. S'pect I will, now that you reminded me.

On Sep 30, 2005, at 10:40 AM, Paul Mimlitsch wrote:

 Maybe someday just guitar and edp, who knows?

Since moving to a new town (Evergreen, Co.) and getting involved in the local music scene (mostly through the extensive open mic circuit in the Denver area), it's been a necessity to scale things down and travel light.  Been using just an acoustic archtop guitar and << volume pedal to DD20 to RC20xl >> setup to good effect.  One benefit of this streamlined, lack of outboard effects setup, is that it forces you to really explore the various "natural" sounds (musical and non musical) that you can get from just an acoustic guitar.  It's a lot more intimate and seems to draw people in more.  Liking it more, now (old age factor?), than playing "electric".  Although, when you strap on the electric and get that distortion driven, effects laden, wall of sound thing going ... man that's nice :).
PS: any tips/ links to info on "processed acoustic guitar"?  I've seen players using all sorts of alligator clips and doodads attached to strings to get different sounds but not clear on the actual process....