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Syncing 2 EDP loops to drum machine tempo

Hi Loopers,

Having trouble trying to get 2 loops to play to tempo with a drum machine.
For reference, I have 2 EDPs with LoopIV connected in stereo, and a Boss
DR880 drum machine.  MIDI out from master EDP goes into MIDI in to slave
EDP, and MIDI thru on the slave goes to MIDI in on the DR880.  EDP
settings on both machines are:


This is what I'm doing:

1.  Press Undo, adjust tempo, then press Record.  This simultaneously
starts recording the first loop and starts the drum machine at the desired

2.  Press Record again to close loop.  This is now loop #1, and it and
the drum machine are now happily playing together, in tempo.

3.  Press NextLoop.  Now I'm getting ready to record the second loop (Loop
#2) and waiting until the end of Loop 1 to do so.  At that point, the EDP
should automatically advance to loop #2 and start recording.

4.  The drum machine suddenly craps out at the transition point: "Buffer
full" on the display.  This means too many MIDI messages are being
received by the drum machine.

What I would like to do is be able to record, and switch, between loop 1
and loop 2, yet maintain the tempo synchronization between both loops and
the drum machine.  Can this be done?  Is there an alternative way to do