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Re: still goin clean

I think Max Valentino is on this list, but you can look in this  
thread on TalkBass for an overview (scroll down and find Max's post).

I haven't tried it myself. S'pect I will, now that you reminded me.

On Sep 30, 2005, at 10:40 AM, Paul Mimlitsch wrote:

>>>  Maybe someday just guitar and edp, who knows?
> Since moving to a new town (Evergreen, Co.) and getting involved in  
> the local music scene (mostly through the extensive open mic  
> circuit in the Denver area), it's been a necessity to scale things  
> down and travel light.  Been using just an acoustic archtop guitar  
> and << volume pedal to DD20 to RC20xl >> setup to good effect.  One  
> benefit of this streamlined, lack of outboard effects setup, is  
> that it forces you to really explore the various "natural" sounds  
> (musical and non musical) that you can get from just an acoustic  
> guitar.  It's a lot more intimate and seems to draw people in  
> more.  Liking it more, now (old age factor?), than playing  
> "electric".  Although, when you strap on the electric and get that  
> distortion driven, effects laden, wall of sound thing going ... man  
> that's nice :).
> PS: any tips/ links to info on "processed acoustic guitar"?  I've  
> seen players using all sorts of alligator clips and doodads  
> attached to strings to get different sounds but not clear on the  
> actual process....