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Re: Steve Lawson masterclass, Northern California, Jan 28th

hi Rick
gotta say with the new gear on the horizon.one who finds themselves in the market to buy...has a lot to consider.
that boss 50 thing has tweeked my intrest as does the looperlative yet both far short from the infinate possibility of whats to come.
but till then...
we are here "now" so live in the moment i will(well with a 1/2 second latency)
  danny //visionary le scary
"loop.pool" <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
Responding to Timothy's post about glitchy EDPs.

I love my EDP dearly and it has not crapped out on my once.

The EDP is an amazing instrument. Nothing does anything remotely like it
and nothing really will.

I'm sorry that Gibson has not supported it's further developement and that
apparently will be no more software upgrades. I wish it was true stereo.
I wish it supported multiple simultaneous loops and that it had better
but it is an amazing piece of gear and my life is amazingly enriched

I say buy one. You'll be glad you did!

sincerely, RIck

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