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aux sends on the looperlative

> On Dec 14, 2005, at 5:39 AM, Steve Lawson wrote:
>> Oh, and the two stereo aux sends are going to be an absolute god- 
>> send for anyone who post-processes their loops.
On 14 dec 2005, at 21.21, Suit & Tie Guy wrote:

> nope.
> what i really need is an FX loop switchable pre, post, or in the  
> feedback path of one of the loops.

Fair enough. I've got FX units pre and post, and can stick one on the  
feedback path by routing the signal from the post FX signal back into  
the input via the aux send on my desk. So not something I need  

The option to route different tracks to different processing outputs  
- so having a chordal part disappear into a huge reverb as it fades  
out while a the bass line keeps going un processed and unfaded  
underneath, and another line is sent out to the kaoss pad or wherever  
opens up a whole shedload of compositional options currently  
unavailable to me, or I suspect, you. ;o)


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