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Re: custom power supplies: feasibility RE: RPTR issues

At 12:33 PM -0500 12/15/05, Timothy Mungenast wrote:
>My needs are simple: 3 outputs (9VAC, 1000 mA; 14VAC, 1000mA; and a
>standard, ordinary 9VDC of around 800mA or so just in case).
>Always interested in shaving off a few pounds, either from my equipment or

14VAC?  Is that for the VF-1?  Weird voltage...

If you've got other standardized AC wall plugs, you might consider 
looking at the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power AC ( 
http://www.voodoolab.com/pedalpower_ac.htm ).  I've got one and it 
works just fine to replace a lot of my wall warts (including the one 
from my Vortex).  I picked it up at AMS for about a bill thirty. 
However, it only handles 9vAC and 12vAC.  Still, it's a godsend for 
getting rid of those pesky AC wall warts.

Not sure if you're going to find anything out there that's not custom 
made for 14vAC, however...


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