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Re: New Fripp Rig & how his rig functions

>Back in the day, Fripp had four TC2290's - i think hooked up in

For his Music for Finding Your Seat soundscapes on the G3 tour, he used 
two stereo pairs, each pair set for a different delay time / loop length. 
Besides the switchblade, he had some A/B and A/B/Both switches and volume 
pedals.  He injected notes into one stereo loop or the other, sometimes 
into both loops at once.  Sometimes the audience would hear the notes as 
he played them, sometimes only when the loop(s) came around.

Dunno what the Eventides were doing most of the time. (Pitch-shifting? 
filtering? panning? mangling and mayhem?).  He had a trick where he'd 
continuously spin a data wheel on an Eventide for nearly a minute, 
mangling the looper output(s). IIRC that playing his rack by hand episode 
is briefly visible in one of the King Crimson concert videos from the 

I'd guess he used the preamps for analog guitar tone and/or to connect the 
stomp box part of the rig (fuzz/wah/etc) to the stereo processors and 

HTH, ho, ho, ho,

Simon posted:
>> And a question: How did his old rig work? Did he use the TC2290 serial 
>did he ffed different audio to different delays? And whate were the
>Eventides and Roland Preamps for?