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Optimum impedance and dBu for EDP interface?

Does anyone know (Kim or Matthias, are you out there?) what are the 
actual input and output impedances and levels for a beige Gibson EDP 
(purchased in 2000)?

I'm considering a custom made routing box for putting some things 
(including 2 EDPs) in the somewhat funky effects loop of my Gibson 
Goldtone amp, and I'd like to optimize the performance of the EDPs in 
that system.  I recognize that the EDPs can handle a wide range of 
impedance and db levels, but again - I'd like to get the very best match 
possible if I'm going to bother with a custom router.

I can't find the info anywhere in the EDP manuals, and only vague 
references to "high impedance" on the inputs from Kim a loooong time ago.

Any joy?

Merry Christmas!!