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Dear friends,

Thank you all for visiting www.myspace.com/christianrover
becoming new friends and your kind comments.
I look forward to listening in detail to all of
the beautiful music you have put out there,
when I'm done with my current recording sessions.

A special note to Warren and Stephen:
The opening number at myspace
is set to change at random.
So you were first hit by my rendition of Coltranes
"Giant Steps"... hope the speakers were not on 11 ;-)
This version seems to divide listeners into those
who love it and those who hate it.
An older fan, who knows me as a mainstream
organ trio jazz guitarist, even literally demanded that I take it
off my site... maybe eventually I'll bow to public pressure...
for now I think of it as a contribution to "shred" and musical humor.

To answer the octaver question: I assume you're referring to
the live version of "Love my tender hide". I'm using a custom built
guitar with low E and A string (tuned an octave lower than legally 
I wish I knew an octave-shifter that could give me that sound.
I would have two more strings to solo with ;-)


Christian Rover