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Re: New Product preview at the Ethermusic festival


I'm not sure when the "official" roll out date is.  As I mentioned  
before, it appears to be quite an innovative leap for the guitar and I  
look forward to hearing the impressions of you and others on the list  
as you get become acquainted with the Moog Guitar.

-- Kevin

Quoting Luca Formentini <luca@unguitar.com>:

> Hi Kevin,
> this is probably going to be the only reason to make me consider
> another guitar...
> very interesting info, thank you very much for it.
> I just don't see any chance to know/see/hear something more than the
> bouncing, few informations unofficially hitting the net.
> Any chance to see an official move by moog ?
> my best,
> luca
> www.unguitar.com
> kkissinger@kevinkissinger.com wrote:
>> Hello to all!
>> I just returned from the Ethermusic Festival, sponsered by Moog   
>> Music, in Asheville, NC.
>> Prior to my set on Thursday night, Jason Danillo from Moog Music    
>> expertly demo'd a new product from Moog Music that is simply   
>> called:  "The Moog Guitar".
>> I am not a guitarist myself however I was very impressed with what   
>> I  learned and heard about this product.  I run the risk of   
>> sounding like a "salesperson" however I want to share with you what  
>>  I learned and  heard regarding the Moog Guitar.
>> My first impression of this instrument is that it was an electric    
>> guitar with built in (software driven) fx in the body of the   
>> guitar.   And I would add, super CLEAN fx.  And the infinite   
>> sustain, for  example, was INFINITE with no noise, glitches, etc.    
>> However, my guess about the theory of operation was mistaken.
>> The guitar utilizes built-in ebows -- I'm not sure how many are   
>> built  into the guitar however there is a least one per string.  As  
>>  many  readers here know, the ebow imparts energy to a string to  
>> set  it into  vibration and keep it vibrating forever.  The  
>> engineers at  Moog took  things to another level -- for ebow  
>> technology can do  the opposite: it can be used to remove energy  
>> from a string, too.
>> Each string is independently settable -- some can sustain, others   
>> can  sound in the normal (unsustained manner), others can produce a  
>>   staccatto pluck -- in fact, on of the sounds is a strum followed   
>> by a  bow.  This is all user-settable.  Jason strummed a chord and   
>> as the  chord died down a "bowed string chorus" came up -- as if an  
>>  entire  string section was doubling Jason's guitar part.
>> My first thought was: Ohhh... my looping friends would LOVE this.    
>> And the tone was really clean.  During Jason's demo, he mentioned   
>> that  some people can't believe that this is all being done on the   
>> strings  until he unplugs the guitar and folks listen to the   
>> strings themselves.
>> I look forward to hearing the "buzz" about this product among the    
>> looping community as well as the theremin community (which includes  
>>   many guitarists and loopers).
>> While ebows have been around for awhile, this new product takes   
>> things to another level.
>> Best wishes to Moog Music.  May the new Moog Guitar inspire many    
>> musicians and be another success story for Moog Music.
>> All the best to one and all.
>> -- Kevin
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