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Canford Headphone Limiter (In Ear Monitoring revisited)

Hi folks

I was taking a look at in ear monitoring systems.
One thing that disturbed me:
Even though most wireless IEM systems have a limiter, most only have 
limiter on the _sender_ but not on the receiver.

So me thinks: what if you happen to pick up some weird FM frequency that 
kills your ears?
Please tell me if I'm paranoid. But it seems to me a long way from a IEM 
sender to your ears.

So, I've found in the Internet a very elegant solution: Headphone Limiters:
Canford makes them for BBC broadcasting in UK.
The best thing is: you don't have to waste a rack unit for a limiter - 
it's really small! They can also custom fit to your head/earphones for an 
exact loudness level (how many dB would you suggest)?

For a cheap solution, do you guys think one could take two cheap bass 
guitar limiters? i.e. http://behringer.com/BLE100/

Please let me know if I'm paranoid on limiters.
best regards

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