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Re: Vocal & Guitar looping - How can I switch vocal on & off?

Thanks guys; here's my set up --I've always used simple PA setups:

Guitars: Yamaha FG345 II; Martin J40
Mic:         SM58

PA#1:     BOSE PAS / L1 (direct hi & lo imped. connections to Ch. 1 & 2, respectively)

Mixer:     Mackie 1402VLZ
AMP:      Mackie M1200   or  Crown C2000 (think that's the model)
Spkrs:   Bose 802

DigiTech JamMan w/Fs1 foot switch.

Thanks for any detailed guidance as to pedals/gear (model#s please) & configurations.
I've never used or needed an A/B or A/B/C switch, or volume pedal, so I need you to explain/be specific.

Thanks again,



Hi Mark, a simple yet effective technique that I use for my JamMan is to run a mic cable directly to a guitar volume pedal (provided it's a 1/4 inch output) and then out from the volume pedal using a 1/4 to male XLR conversion cable into the mic input on your JamMan. Once youv'e done this, you can record the vocal loop at a volume similar to a live background singer and then sing live with the volume pedal at full output. Looking at your volume pedal as a mixer/foot control might open up other creative uses as well....... "KalimbaMan"

"Buzap Buzap" <buzap@gmx.net>
Hi Mark
I'm doing similar things here. What I do is sometimes split the vocal signal and then route it through pedals. You might need something like a mixer to balance guit/vox levels.
If you want a minimalistic setup, you can use a simple  impedance converter on the mic.
I also like the Nobels A/B pedals for their flexibility (have volume controls on both A,B).

If you can specifcy your complete setup (mixer, PA/amp etc.) I can give you more specific suggestions.
best regards